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Spanish Banks Holidays in 2014

List of Spanish official public national and regional holidays (non-working days for banks in Spain), according by the Spanish national and regional governments for the 2014 calendar year. Read more »

Banco Pastor products for non-residents

Banco Pastor products for non-residentsCurrent accounts
Available all banking operations with the ability to make inquiries and unsing remote banking services (telephone and Internet), quickly and safely. Read more »

Ibercaja Bank Products and Services

Ibercaja Bank Products and ServicesSavings
Depending on the expectations and present and future needs of each client, Ibercaja offers a range of savings products, from current accounts, payments and receipts for households, combined with deposits to get higher returns without risking capital, to prepare plans for the future savings (study, travel, weddings and until retirement), and also exclusive accounts and deposits available through Online Banking (Ibercaja Direct). Read more »

Services provided by Banco Pastor for non-resident customers

Services provided by Banco Pastor for non-resident customersOpening an bank account at Banco Pastor in Spain
Spanish nationals can come to any of Banco Pastor offices of Banco Pastor, with his documents (identity card or passport) and Nonresident Certificate issued by the Spanish Consulate. Read more »

Bankinter mobile banking service

Bankinter mobile banking serviceMobile banking from Bankinter allows customers to conduct their daily transactions from anywhere: they can check the balances of their accounts and cards, see the movements, make free transfers, manage their cards, operate in stock exchange, etc. Read more »

Bankinter deposits types

Bankinter customers can choose type of deposit, currency, term and amount.  Read more »

Mortgage in Spanish Banks

Mortgage in Spanish BanksForeigners can apply for and receive loans at Spanish banks, if they will prove relationship with the country (buying real estate, availability NIE or residence permit). Conditions and interest rates can vary in different banks and cajas. Large banks often do not lend foreigners, and require a lot of documentation. More friendly are small banks, called cajas due to their policies of the loans issuance for non-residents.  Read more »

Banks in Spain

Banks in SpainSpain’s banking system is represented by the Bank of Spain (Banco de España), savings banks (Cajas), commercial banks (Banco) and foreign banks. In Spain, there are more than 30 banking institutions of national and regional importance. Major banks are BBVA and Santander Central Hispano (includes Banesto). Read more »

How to Open an Account in Spanish Bank

There are two types of bank accounts in Spain for foreigners: non-resident account (without a residence permit) and resident (with residence permit). For non-residents account can be easily opened, if they are planning to buy a property in Spain. Read more »

Banking Holidays in Spain 2013

List of official public holidays in Spain, according by the Spanish national and regional governments for the 2013 calendar year. Read more »