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How to Open an Account in Spanish Bank

There are two types of bank accounts in Spain for foreigners: non-resident account (without a residence permit) and resident (with residence permit). For non-residents account can be easily opened, if they are planning to buy a property in Spain. Opening an account takes a few minutes, be required to provide only a valid passport, NIE – tax number of the foreigner, and in some cases, at the request of the bank, the contract for the sale or provision of housing. When you register a new company in Spain, the owner (not having a residence permit) is also a hassle to be able to open a legal entity.

Normally, you can open a current account, that can be managed via VISA or Master Card debit card, checkbook, or via Internet Banking (if you have NIE – foreigner identification number). This type of account does not accumulate any interest. In the future, you can also open a savings account.

Banking service rates within a particular bank for residents and non-residents are generally not differ significantly. But residents will sign a statement confirming that they are the taxpayers in another country. In Spain, except for accounts and cards service fees, they will have to pay a small additional annual amount – about 15-30 euros. In the case of having a residence permit, the should submit the documents to his bank account to change the status of the resident. Resident of Spain to pay taxes in the country, but it has advantages in receiving loans.