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Services provided by Banco Pastor for non-resident customers

Services provided by Banco Pastor for non-resident customersOpening an bank account at Banco Pastor in Spain
Spanish nationals can come to any of Banco Pastor offices of Banco Pastor, with his documents (identity card or passport) and Nonresident Certificate issued by the Spanish Consulate.

Foreign nationals can also come to any of branch offices, provide ID in country of residence (Passport).
For any questions, please contact bank’s representative offices, where a team of highly skilled professionals will clarify all doubts or questions about how to become a client of Banco Pastor in Spain.

External branches network
Banco Pastor has a complete network of offices in America and Europe that support to all customers of the entity outside the Spanish territory.

Remote banking
Banco Pastor remote banking services allow customers to make inquiries and banking transactions through:

Pastor online
Telephone Service that allows comfortably perform queries and operations needs.

Allows to access accounts and make transactions with the utmost security and confidentiality from any computer through the Internet.

PastorNet Mobile
Mobile bank that allows to perform banking operations through any device (tablets, smartphones, etc.).

Virtual Correspondence

The Virtual Correspondence Service allows customers to get the bank documents in digital format through electronic banking, so they dont have to wait to receive them by mail.

– Correspondence is available anytime, anywhere with Internet access.
– It is the most practical solution: documents are available for 7 years from customer’s computer classified by folders.
– Customer can make inquiries through Electronic Banking with maximum security.
– It helps save paper and thus the preservation of the environment.
– Prevents loss or misplacement of documents.
– Free service: registration does not cost anything, because it’s FREE and simple