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Banco Pastor products for non-residents

Banco Pastor products for non-residentsCurrent accounts
Available all banking operations with the ability to make inquiries and unsing remote banking services (telephone and Internet), quickly and safely.
– Supports all types of deposits, withdrawals, transfers between accounts and transfer funds to other banks.
– Liquidity absolute availability of money: checkbooks, cards for purchases and ATM withdrawals.
– Maximum security.
– Detailed reports of all maturities and operations.
– Ability to check account at any time through Banco Pastor Home Banking service: by phone or online, with complete confidentiality and security.

Non-resident customers can choose the term of deposit that suits their needs and maximize their savings in Spain, in any currency without taking risks. Customers will know from the start, how much it will earn on their savings.
– Any currency (Dollar, Euro, British Pound, Swiss Franc …).
– At any period of time (3, 6, 12 months …).
– Ability to collect interest quarterly, at maturity or even in advance.
– Supporting documentation with full transparency and clarity.
– Expert advice of the Banco Pastor professional team.

4B Debit Card
With Banco Pastor 4B debit card it’s easy to get cash at ATMs and pay for purchases at millions of locations worldwide.
– No need to carry cash: customers can make purchases directly with their card or withdraw money at ATMs of almost any country, 24 hours a day, including holidays, and in any currency with lower fees.
– In each withdrawal at ATMs or on every purchase, card owner should dial a secret code. This type of account also has a maximum daily limit on ATM withdrawals
– Ability to request additional cards for other joint holders of their account.
– Personal delivery service (when it possible, cards are delivered by hand).
– Ability to see any debts of fees from withdrawals and purchases made with Banco Pastor 4B card.

Visa Gold Card
Banco Pastor Visa Gold card is a way to differentiate yourself as an exclusive customer with a high monthly credit limit for purchases or payments at millions of locations worldwide.
– Free for the first year, for both main and additional card.
– High credit limit from a minimum of 3,250 euros.
– Free postponement of payments made ​​each month, without interest, until the first day of the following month.
– Liability for fraudulent use before disclosure is limited to a maximum of 150.25 euros, except for an operation requiring secret number, in case of loss or theft of a card.

Free insurance
– Travel accident insurance for owners and users up to 750,000 euros per person.
– Accident insurance for the owner.
– Refund of purchases of the last 12 months to a maximum of EUR 6,010.12.