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Ibercaja Bank Products and Services

Ibercaja Bank Products and ServicesSavings
Depending on the expectations and present and future needs of each client, Ibercaja offers a range of savings products, from current accounts, payments and receipts for households, combined with deposits to get higher returns without risking capital, to prepare plans for the future savings (study, travel, weddings and until retirement), and also exclusive accounts and deposits available through Online Banking (Ibercaja Direct).

Mortgages And Loans
Ibercaja offers structured finance products in housing loans (individuals, families or promoters), consumption, youth sector, productive activities, operations abroad. As an agency specializing in the family market, it is especially important range of products related to the acquisition of the property, among them the line of reclaimed mortgages and for young people. Other lines of business with extensive experience and cutting edge products are the SME market, retail operations and the new emerging field of immigration.

Ibercaja is backed by powerful financial group that was born in the late eighties, with the aim of implementing the new product development and financial and related services. A wide range of mutual funds, pension plans, insurance or retirement saving instruments traded on organized markets (fixed income, equities or other securities) allow Ibercaja to provide integrated advice on how to get better and secure financial and fiscal services, according to circumstances and investor profile.

Credit Cards
Ibercaja offers its customers a wide range of cards so they can choose those that best suit their taste and financial needs: cards with different methods of payment, business cards, gold or prestige cards, cards specially designed for youngsters and also, cards that allow get points redeemable for gifts or return of a percentage of shopping.

In addition to the cards services, Ibercaja offers various economic instruments or means of payment based on the needs of each: POS (Point of Sale Terminals), ATMs, electronic commerce, checks and promissory notes, commercial banking, transfers, letters of credit remittances and import / export.

Remote Banking
Ibercaja provides remote banking in two forms – phone and Internet, offering many benefits when making any financial transaction without leaving home. It is designed for both private customers and the companies through service “Ibercaja Directo”.

Ibercaja Travel
Ibercaja offers an attractive and varied range of domestic and international travel through Ibercaja Travel. Through the website customers can access quickly and easily to the exciting promotions and discounts offered throughout the year, and especially on holidays.

Auto Tickes Sales
Automatic realtime sale system for concerts, movies and theater tickets is one of the most used services by Ibercaja customers. Tickets can be purchased through Ibercaja website, Telephone Banking or ATM network.