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Bankinter mobile banking service

Bankinter mobile banking serviceMobile banking from Bankinter allows customers to conduct their daily transactions from anywhere: they can check the balances of their accounts and cards, see the movements, make free transfers, manage their cards, operate in stock exchange, etc.

To use the mobile banking service is is necessary:

– A mobile phone or tablet with internet access.
– Username and password.
– Key card to sign operations.

With Bankinter mobile bank customers can perform the following operations and queries (depending on what products are included in their contract):

– Check balances;
– Check transactions;
– Make transfers between accounts or to other Bankinter customers (now with no commissions);
– Make transfers to cash, to collect money in ATM card without Hal Cash system;
– Order transfers to other banks;
– Refund of receipts.

– Check balances;
– Check transactions and pending authorizations;
– Funding purchases;
– Activate / block a card.

– Customers consultations direct line;
– PUK request (in case of phone PIN lock);
– Changing consumption limits;
– Tarifs changing;
– Blocking or terminating a line.

– Consulting on customer investment valuations, grouping them into the following: securities investment funds, deposits, pension plans or EPSV, Insurance and Savings Bonds;
– Checking stock quotes and indices;
– Trading on the exchange;
– Make contributions to pension plans;
– Perform transfer of securities.

– Get information about both loans and credits, terms and conditions, balance inquiry.

– Customers can check their Bankinter insurance plans and its features (in case of home and car insurance).

There are several options to access the Mobile Bank:

– Using the Internet browser of your mobile or tablet go to web address:
– Capturing the picture with QR code if mobile phone has a QR Code reader.
– Sending an SMS to 217128 with the keyword BKMOVIL. In response, a message will come with information on how to access to Bankinter mobile bank.