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Agreement signed on integration of Ibercaja and Caja3 Banking Groups

Integration of Ibercaja and Caja3 Banking GroupsThe integration is done through a process of exchange of shares and subsequent merger of Bank Caja3 by Ibercaja Bank Group · Ibercaja have 87.5% of the shares of Ibercaja Bank and Bank shareholders boxes Caja3 Group, 12, 5%. Read more »

Ibercaja Bank Products and Services

Ibercaja Bank Products and ServicesSavings
Depending on the expectations and present and future needs of each client, Ibercaja offers a range of savings products, from current accounts, payments and receipts for households, combined with deposits to get higher returns without risking capital, to prepare plans for the future savings (study, travel, weddings and until retirement), and also exclusive accounts and deposits available through Online Banking (Ibercaja Direct). Read more »