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Economists fear the tax cuts in Spain

Economists fear the tax cuts in SpainTax cuts in Spain threatens the growth of the deficit, which raises concerns in financial markets against the backdrop of a difficult economic situation in Portugal. Read more »

IMF: Spain should increase revenue

IMF: Spain should increase revenue Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rahoyu should take measures to increase revenues to the state budget for the leveling effect of the tax cuts announced in the last month, the statement said the International Monetary Fund. Read more »

Spain’s GDP growth surpassed forecasts

Spain's GDP growth surpassed forecastsSpain’s economy in II quarter 2014 increased by 0.5% compared with the previous three months, confirmed the preliminary data of the central bank. Read more »

Spain will reduce income and corporate taxes

Spain will reduce income and corporate taxesSpanish authorities plan to reduce personal income and corporate taxes in 2015-2016 with a view to spur consumer spending and investment in the economy. Read more »

Spanish Banks Holidays in 2014

List of Spanish official public national and regional holidays (non-working days for banks in Spain), according by the Spanish national and regional governments for the 2014 calendar year. Read more »

Last Added Banks:


Banesto Bank LogoBanesto S. A. (known as the Spanish Credit Bank) is the Spanish bank, founded in 1902 in Madrid, 89.74% controlled by Grupo Santander. The 10,26% left is on the Stock of Madrid.  Read more »

Banco Pastor

Banco Pastor LogoThe Banco Pastor is a Spanish bank based in La Coruña and the second oldest in Spain after Etcheverría Bank.
It was founded by Jaime Dalmau Batista in 1776 with the name “Jaime Dalmau and Co.”.  Read more »

ING Direct Spain

ING Direct Spain LogoING DIRECT Spain is a financial services company, a subsidiary of the Dutch bank ING Group, one of the largest banking group in the world.   Read more »


Unicaja bank logoUnicaja (Unicaja Banco SA) is a financial institution in Spain with headquarters in Malaga and the Data Processing Center in Ronda. The management of the bank is in charge of three internal organs: the General Assembly, the Board of Directors and the Board of Control.  Read more »


Ibercaja bank LogoIbercaja bank S A U is a credit institution wholly owned by the Caja de Ahorros and Monte de Piedad de Zaragoza, Aragón and Rioja, and operates in accordance with the provisions of Royal Decree 1245/1995 of 14 July on banking, border and other issues related to the legal regime of credit institutions.  Read more »

Citibank Spain

Citibank Spain LogoCitibank is presented in Spain since 1917 has a strong and extensive local presence with the 56 retail banking branches and the nearly 1,900 employees.  Read more »

Triodos Bank Spain

Triodos Bank Spain LogoTriodos Bank Spain is a Spanish branch of Dutch credit institution, founded in 1980. Triodos Bank is also operates in Belgium, United Kingdom and Germany. Read more »


Openbank Spain LogoOpenbank – the first online bank in Spain and an online division of Santander Bank.  Read more »

Banco Popular

Banco-Popular-LogoFounded in 1926, the Banco Popular is one of the largest banking groups in Spain.
The bank listed on the London Stock Exchange and is part of the IBEX 35 index.  Read more »

Sabadell Bank

Sabadell Bank LogoSabadell Bank is the fourth Spanish banking group, formed by various banks, brands, subsidiaries and affiliates that cover all areas of financial business under one common denominator: professionalism and quality.  Read more »