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Unemployment in Spain is reduced five months in a row

Unemployment in Spain is reduced five months in a rowJuly in Spain is marked a new reduction in unemployment. The number of the unemployed decreased for five consecutive months. In July of this year, the jobs have found 64.866 people. Compared with the total number of persons registered at employment as unemployed, unemployment decreased by 1.36%.

In July last year, analysts said, was also recorded declining trend. However, the seventh month of 2012 was the only one with this characteristic for the whole year, and then was observed twice smaller drop – at 27,814 (in numbers).

In general, for five months of constant decline in the number of unemployed from the lists of labor exchanges were removed 341,408 persons who were able to find permanent or temporary contracts.

The biggest positive change in July of this year occurred in the service sector – 37,614 people from previously unemployed found jobs. Far behind the construction sector (17.310) and industrial (11.233). According to experts, the situation in service industry is mainly affected by the fact, that the summer tourist season now in the midst and the flow of travelers dictates the need for the opening of more and more jobs.

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