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The Spanish peseta still possible to be exchanged for euros

The Spanish peseta still possible to be exchanged for eurosAccording to the Bank of Spain, received at the end of June 2013 and published in the newsletter of main government’s financial instutution, the population of the country is still not presented all previously circulated currency – the peseta for the exchange of the euro amounted equivalent to 1 billion 627.8 million euros. Of these, 879.4 million euros – in the form of old banknotes and another 807.7 million – in coins.

Bank of Spain began to exchange pesetas to the euro on the single European currency circulation day – Jan. 1, 2002. At the moment, the country drew pesetas worth 48.75 billion euros. Basically old Spanish currency, having served more than one generation of the population 133 years of its history, has been replaced by a new by the end of March 2002.

The remaining holding coins and notes until June 30, 2012 can be exchanged for euros at any bank across the Spain.

At the moment the exchange continues – in June alone “paper” pesetas was converted into euros in the amount of about a million and coins – by 200 thousand.

Bank of Spain recalls that the peseta still not lost their value and can be exchanged for modern currency.

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