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The Bank of Spain said there are positive developments in the country’s economy

The Bank of Spain said there are positive developments in the country economyBank of Spain confirmed that the information coming from different regions of the country, “allow carefully use the term “improvement” in relation to the situation in the economy of the state” at the end of the first half of this year.

In the June newsletter, major Spanish financial institution notes that consumer activity begins to “easy to grow.”

“For three months, up the second quarter, we fix a reduction in the number of unemployed, – stressed the head of the Bank of Spain Luis Maria Linde – which also reveals a positive outlook, and this is practically the first time of crisis. And the May figures in the tourism sector is tuned to positive wave – number of nights spent by guests from abroad in Spanish hotels, in May of this year, exceeded the figure of May 2012 by 8.3%, while the previous inter-annual comparison (April, March) showed only 2.7% growth. Slowly started to grow up and the level of wages – 0.6% in the first six months, but this process is always lagging behind the rate of other phenomena in the economy.”

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