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CaixaBank sold the building in Madrid

CaixaBank sold the building in MadridOne of the biggest Spanish bank CaixaBank sold the building of its Madrid branch located in the central part of the capital of Spain on the so-called “golden mile”.

Property was acquired by London-based fund Meyer Bergman, one of the UK’s leading institutional investors, that are showing great interest in the Spanish market.

This eight-story building has 8,105 square meters of space that previously occupied the CaixaBank offices, and the four-storey underground parking garage is equipped with 70 parking spaces for cars.

According to the plan of new owners to change the internal configuration of the building, but while leaving her office appointment.

“The price issue” isn’t known yet, but according to Spanish media, Meyer Bergman’s norm is the acquisition of such properties in different European countries (Germany, France, Poland, the Czech Republic, the Nordic countries, Great Britain) by investing from 30 to 300 million euros.

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