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Bankinter deposits types

Bankinter customers can choose type of deposit, currency, term and amount. 

Structured Deposits

These deposits are targeted to investors with a conservative profile seeking better returns without assuming the risk of equities.
Structured deposits allow to invest in a product in the medium term, its initial capital is guaranteed and returns linked to the performance of one or more indices or the price of a stock or basket of stocks.

NameTermSubscription periodExpiration date
GUARANTEED DIGITAL ENERGY DEPOSIT549 days10/05/2013 30/05/201301/12/2014
GUARANTEE DIGITAL FINANCIAL DEPOSIT549 days22/04/2013 09/05/201310/11/2014
GUARANTEED ENERGY DEPOSIT 6.51096 days21/03/2013 18/04/201319/04/2016
TRIPLE COUPON GUARANTEED DEPOSIT 4.51096 days25/02/2013 21/03/201322/03/2016
FINANCIAL GUARANTEE DEPOSIT 6.251095 days25/01/2013 22/02/201325/02/2016
DUAL STRUCTURED DEPOSIT1098 days04/07/2011 03/08/201106/08/2014
STRUCTURED DEPOSIT STOCK EXCHANGE CONCERT1829 days20/04/2011 16/05/201119/05/2016
STRUCTURED DEPOSIT MultiValores1098 days13/01/2011 02/02/201105/02/2014
STRUCTURED DEPOSIT AGRICULTURE1096 days07/01/2011 24/02/201125/02/2014

Standard deposits

NameNominal InterestT.A.E.Commissions
IPF to 2 weeks0,16%0,16%No
IPF to a month0,14%0,14%No
IPF to 2 months0,09%0,09%No
IPF to 3 months0,05%0,05%No
IPF 6 months0,05%0,05%No
IPF one year0,25%0,25%No
IPF two years and one day-0,17%No

IPF in currency

NameNominal InterestT.A.E.Commissions
IPF dollars one month0,16%0,16%No
IPF pounds to 2 months0,13%0,13%No
IPF pounds at 3 months0,12%0,12%No
IPF pounds to 6 months0,06%0,06%No
IPF £ 9 months0,08%0,08%No
IPF pounds one year0,40%0,40%No
IPF pounds two years and one day-0,07%No
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